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There are two options for complying with Type B+NYC Unit Toilet & Bathing room requirements under the 2014 NYC Building Code:


  • OPTION 1: All toilet rooms are constructed in accordance with 2014 Code Appendix P “Type B+NYC Unit Toilet and Bathing Rooms Requirements”.


  • OPTION 2: If at least one toilet and bathing room is constructed in accordance with Type A Unit Toilet and Bathing Room Requirements (Sections 1003.11 & 1003.3.2) and toilet paper dispensers are provided per Section 604.7 and medicine cabinets, if provided, include a storage shelf no higher than 44” above the floor, then all other toilet and bathing rooms in the same dwelling unit may be constructed to comply with following Type B Unit requirements only: Accessible Route (Section 1004.3); Walking Surfaces (Section 1004.4); User Passage Doorways (Section 1004.5.2 & BC 1107.2.1, Exception 5); and Operable Parts (Section 1004.9).


NOTE:  Section citations refer to International Code Council (ICC) ANSI A117.1-2009

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