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Types of Certificates of Occupancies under the 2014 NYC Building Code

When a Building or Space is changed from one “Occupancy” group to another or one “Zoning Use Group” to another, a Type 1 Alteration application must be submitted to request a change in a C of O.(BC 28118.3.1). A “major” change to exists also requires a change to the C of O. (BC 28-118.3.3)


Title 28 Article 118 defines three types of Certificate of Occupancies ( C of O).


When a New Building is developed or Use, Occupancy, or a Major Change of Egress is made,  a “New” Certificate of Occupancy is required.


When a building exceeding three stories is altered and less than 20% of the “floor area” is changed, an “Amended” Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained. (28-118.16.1). Additionally changes to the address, block and lot numbers, or metes and bounds of a “zoning lot” can be accomplished with an “Amended” C of O>


The final category is a “Partial” Certificate of Occupancy. This type of C of O is limited by the following conditions: (BC 28-118.20)


Partial certificate of occupancy. A partial certificate of occupancy may be issued to a specific floor or floors of an existing building erected prior to January 1, 1938 subject to the following conditions:
1. The building does not have and is not otherwise required to have a certificate of occupancy or certificate of completion, if
2. The floor or floors for which a certificate of occupancy is issued shall not constitute more than 50 percent of the gross floor area
of the building.
3. The building is of noncombustible construction and protected with an automatic sprinkler system.
4. Adequate means of egress are provided from all floors.
5. Upon inspection, the building is deemed safe for occupancy.










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