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Application of the 2008 New York City Building Code to Existing Buildings

The construction of New Buildings and Alterations of existing buildings is currently governed by the 2008 New York City Building Code.
BC 28-101.4.3 allows the optional use of the 1968 Buildings Code for alteration of existing buildings , except alterations must comply with the following conditions of 2008 NYC Building Codes:
1. Administration, including: Fees, approval of construction documents, issuance of permits, and issuance of certificate of occupancy, Special Inspections, and use of materials.
2. Enforcement, violations, fines, penalties
3. Safety of public and property during construction (BC Chapter 33)
4. Plumbing work (PC)
5. Fuel gas work (FGC)
6. Mechanical work (MC)
7. Fire protection (sprinkler, standpipe, alarms) (BC Chapter 9)
8. Elevators, conveyors and amusements (BC Chapter 30)
9. Accessibility for the entire building as id hereafter erected when exceeding 50% of the building value or when changing the main use or dominant occupancy (BC Chapter 11).
10. Encroachments into the public right of way (BC Chapter 32)
The 2008 Code cannot be elected where the 2008 Code provisions as applied to a particular building would result in the reduction in fire safety or structural safety. As an alternative, the entire building may be made to comply with the 2008 Code.

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