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Description of firm

Michael Zenreich Architect, PC is a firm of experienced professionals offering comprehensive services in architecture, interior design and all municipal approvals to residential, commercial, and institutional clients in New York and Connecticut. Support for Architects LLC is a solely owned company providing expediting services for other design professionals and contraction related companies.

The firm maintains a diversified practice. While devoted to small-scale projects it has extensive experience in both residential and commercial new construction, rehabilitation and landmark restoration. MZA has developed expertise in restaurant approvals, loft conversions, new residential multi family housing, apartment renovation and combinations, as well as commercial interior renovations.

Emphasis is placed on service to our clients. We are familiar with participating as a team member and providing limited services on a project. Projects are executed with a commitment to quality designed with a disciplined approach to project constraints and clients needs. Emphasis is placed on providing the required and appropriate services as determined by each individual projects needs.

The firm is deliberately limited in size to maintain the highest degree of input and project supervision on all projects by its principal and associates. Our office highly computerized in all aspects of the practice. We maintain a detailed tracking system for all projects which provides a high degree of control.

In addition to extensive experience in all the architectural processes from programming to construction observation, Michael Zenreich Architects is actively involved in providing clients with the following services:

Michael Zenreich founded the firm in 1990 after spending ten years in practice at Eli Attia Architects. As a partner of Eli Attia Architects he had the opportunity to work on over 40 large and complex projects for major developers. His role in project management and governmental approvals allows him to bring a high degree of expertise to small scale projects.