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Dryer Exhaust in Apartments


Many NYC apartment owners take advantage of the opportunity to install clothes washers and dryers if these appliances are approved by their building management


In addition to property management approvals, there are also several sections of building code to consider and satisfy.


New washing machines should be listed on the Schedule B as well as the dryers – if they are gas powered.


According to 2014 Fuel Gas Code 501.8 not all Type 1 (domestic) clothes dryers must be vented. One exception is condensing dryers- also known as ductless dryers, which are more popular in Europe; and, do not produce aerosolized moisture and combustible materials.


Vented dryers must meet the requirements of Fuel Gas Code 614 which states that dryers must be vented in accordance with manufacturer instructions.  However, if the dryer requires a duct system for exhaust, it must be exhausted outside.  This raises some hurdles in satisfying the codes that govern the design parameters of exhaust systems.


Mechanical Code Chapter 5 specifically addresses exhaust systems serving dryers.  MH 504.4 agrees with FGC 614 that “dryer exhaust ducts for clothes dryers shall terminate on the outside of the building”, but this can also apply to electric dryers that must be vented.


We recommend that the filing drawings include an elevation section detailing the location of the exhaust vent in accordance with the 2014 or latest NYC adapted codes.



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