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Notification to Tenants

Recent Legislation has resulted in the need to notify tenants and the Building Department in an Occupied Housing Building (any building containing dwelling units that remain occupied during construction within a building ) whenever a permit is pulled from the Building Department:


Tenant Protection Plans as modified by Local Law 154 of 2017, now require Notification to Tenants  as outlined in section 28-104 of the administrative code which states:


Provision of copy of tenant protection plan to occupants upon request. The owner of a building undergoing work for which a tenant protection plan is required by section  28-104.8.4 shall, upon request from an occupant of a dwelling unit within such building, provide such occupant with a paper copy of the tenant protection plan approved by the department



Notice to occupants. Upon issuance of a permit for work containing a tenant protection plan, the owner shall (i) distribute a notice regarding such plan to each occupied dwelling unit or (ii) post a notice regarding such plan in a conspicuous manner in the building lobby, as well as on each floor within ten feet of the elevator, or in a building where there is no elevator, within ten feet of or in the main stairwell on such floor. The notice shall be in a form created or approved by the department and shall include:



  1. A statement that occupants of the building may obtain a paper copy of such plan from the owner and may access such plan on the department website;



  1. The name and contact information for the site safety manager, site safety coordinator or superintendent of construction required by section 3301.3 of the New York city building code, as applicable, or, if there is no site safety manager, site safety coordinator or superintendent of construction, the name and contact information of the owner of the building or such owner’s designee; and



  1. A statement that occupants of the building may call 311 to make complaints about the work



Building ownership must be aware of their responsibility to distribute notification to tenants per the local law, as well as notify the Department of Buildings via an online form.


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