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Obtaining an Equipment Use Card

When installing and Air Conditioning System (HVAC) that requires a permit to install or requires an Equipment Use Card (EUP) the following filing and approval process is required:


Plans are prepared by a Licensed Design Professional. This can be a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer that is licensed in the State of New York


Plans must prove compliance with the NYC Building Code, The NYC Zoning Resolution, and The NYC Energy Code


Building Department forms are prepared and signed by the Licensed Design Professional and ownership


If the Building is subject the Landmark Approvals, a Landmarks Application must also be prepared and filed.


Asbestos Testing and reports are required for installation on all Buildings built before 1987.


Plans are filed with the Building Department, reviewed by an examiner, and objections are resolved in subsequent plan examination appointments.


After plans are approved, A permit for Mechanical Work and sometimes Structural work for dunnage must be obtained by the Contractor/Installer.


After construction is complete and HVAC units installed, A Special Inspection Agency must inspect and sign off on Special and Progress Inspections. These can include Mechanical Systems, Energy Inspections, and Final Inspection.


Only after these aforementioned steps are completed, can one request approval of an EUP.


An EUP application is completed which confirmes that the exact make and model number of the HVAC equipment was installed and all Special Inspections have been passed.


This EUP application is submitted to the Building Department and they will issue an Equipment use Card.


The application must then be signed off and a Letter of Completion obtained.




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