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PGL Insurance Waiver for Minor Demolition


The 2014 Building Code defines Partial Demolition as “The dismantling, razing, or removal of structural members, floors, interior bearing walls, and/or exterior walls or portions thereof, including all operations incidental thereto.”


Minor proposed work such as through wall openings and enlargements for air conditioning units that affect the structural, exterior wall of a building, are considered partial demolition.


The work must be declared on the filing forms by checking off:  Work includes partial demolition as defined in AC §28-101.5, or the raising/moving of a building.


This action automatically populates the requirement for PROJECT-SPECIFIC GL INSURANCE in B-SCAN List of Required Items.


Luckily, Project-Specific GL Insurance only applies to New Buildings and Major alterations. The Rules of the City of New York define Major Alteration as demolition of more than 50% of the floor area of an existing building, work that shall result in the removal of one or more floors of an existing structure, and horizontal or vertical enlargement affecting the exterior of envelope of an existing building.  Thus, PGL Insurance will not apply to minor demo works.


The application can be approved but not permitted with a PGL Insurance required item that is not satisfied.  For purposes of minor demolition, PROJECT-SPECIFIC GL INSURANCE can be waived as a technical item at the plan examiner level.



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