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Real Time Enforcement for Occupied Multiple Dwellings


As of  December 2017, The Department of Buildings has created a Real Time Enforcement Unit to enforce construction codes in occupied multiple dwellings.


Two 2017 local laws have taken effect resulting in building ownership responsibility to notify the NYC Building Department prior to commencing construction.  The construction sites will be subject to DOB inspections by inspectors from the Real Time Enforcement Unit, if either of the following situations apply to the permitted work


BC 3303.10.2 and Local Law 154


Inspection of five percent of sites within seven days after commencing work applies to any project that requires a tenant protection plan


The DOB requires that “The owner shall notify the department in writing at least 72 hours prior to the commencement of any work requiring a tenant protection plan*.  Thereafter, the department shall conduct an inspection upon the receipt of a complaint concerning such work.


Local Law 188


Furthermore the following work is also subject to DOB site inspections within 20 days of receiving notification from an owner:


  • 10% or more of floor area is being altered
  • An addition is part of the job scope


Building ownership must be aware of their responsibility to notify the department of buildings via an online form.



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