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Restaurant approvals – Permits required in New York City

In order to build a restaurant in New York City many different approvals and permits are required from various municipal agencies. Each restaurant is different due to the location, capacity, and existing conditions. The following agencies and approvals are usually required:

The Dept. of Buildings

Fire Department

Alcohol and Beverage Control Board

Landmarks Preservation Commission

Department of Environmental Protection

Health Department

Department of Consumer Affairs

In order to evaluate the required approvals/permits needed, one needs to consider a few basic questions.

Restaurant jobs that do not require a change of use are relatively easy and straight forward. If the use change is required, a new or amended certificate of occupancy will be needed. This is a time consuming and costly process. A liquor license cannot be obtained without a valid C of O or a “Letter of No Objection”. Applying to the Building department for a change of use requires a careful review of zoning, egress, and handicap accessibility laws. This type of review usually takes form six to ten weeks for review and approval.

Certain problems arise in obtaining approval for restaurants and should be considered and checked carefully prior to signing a lease.