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Submitting architectural plans to a Coop or Condo

As architects we design apartment renovations and also review renovations by other architects on behalf of the Building Management. The following are the guidelines we recommend to other design professionals to make the review process as painless as possible:


Guidelines for Submission of Plans for Apartment Renovations

New York State licensed architect or engineer must prepare plans that indicate any removal of walls of construction of new walls. Submitting plans prepared by a decorator, interior designer or contractor will result in the need for a resubmission with plans prepared by a licensed professional.


Complete plans must be submitted for review. Plans may be at 1/8” or greater scale with legible text and dimensions. Plans should include a demolition plan indicating existing conditions and all walls, structural and mechanical removals. A construction plan, a reflected ceiling plan, and electrical plans are required. If mechanical, plumbing, sprinkler work or structural work is required, engineering plans are required.


The plans must show location of all known structural elements and all vertical service risers. Electric panel and Network Interface panels must be shown. A statement must be included on the drawings that no vertical risers will be moved or relocated.


New wet over dry locations must be clearly shown on plans.


Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector location should be shown on plans and notes showing compliance with the Building Code clearly stated.


Plans must include specific details that should include the following:
• Hung ceiling details
• Fire stopping details,
• Waterproofing for all wet areas,
• Soundproofing or floors,
• Sound proofing of ceiling speakers,
• Protection for washing machines that include water catch pan and automatic shut offs connected to sensors.


Bathroom and kitchen appliances, fixtures, and fittings must be specified and manufactures cuts of each item must be submitted. Particular review is given to steam showers, “Jacuzzi” type bathtubs, high velocity kitchen exhaust hoods, and garbage disposals.


If replacing an existing tub with a shower, routing of waste piping and detail of the shower pan must be shown. No penetration of structural slabs or working in the apartment below is permitted.


A gas riser diagram should be shown if any gas work is proposed.


An electrical load letter prepared by a licensed engineer of electrician is required when extensive electrical work is added to the existing electrical load. If additional power is required, a riser diagram showing the routing of the new electrical service must be provided for review.


Sprinkler plans must be shown both on the reflected ceiling plan and in separate sprinkler plan prepared by a licensed engineer showing all existing, relocated, and new locations.


Mechanical work must be clearly shown. Show mechanical ventilation for bathrooms, kitchens, dryer exhausts include size, location and termination.


All renovations must comply with the NYC Energy Code. Compliance must be show for all building elements that need to comply such as lighting and mechanical equipment.


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